Bail Bonds back in Wisconsin

Well, it look like commercial bail will be allowed back in Wisconsin.  After over 30 years of no existence in the state, bail bondsman will be allowed to operate in five counties in Wisconsin.  On June 5, 2013 a republican-backed bill added the proposed budget by the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee.  These five counties will be a part of a pilot program that will remain in effect for five years.  After those five years, and if the program is successful, commercial bail will be allowed in the rest of the counties.

Supporters of the proposal, led by the American Bail Coalition, said that bondsmen would make government more efficient by ensuring more defendants make their court date. They say that’s why nearly every state has some form of bail bondsmen.

New bail bond agents will have to pay an agent fee of $1000 and also meet the state requirements for licensure.

The five counties in this pilot program are: Dane, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine, and Waukesha

With the cities of Madison, Milwaukee, Waukesha

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