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Wisconsin Bail Bonds

Who are we?

We are a nationwide bail bonding service with a unique network of bail agents that can handle any size bail bond at any time of day.

Different states will have their own laws and regulations. Call one of our licensed, and trained, bail bond agents and we will be glad to find our all of the information you will need.

Why ?

Our bail bondsman have over 30 years of experience in the bail bond industry. There is a good chance we have seen cases and situations like yours before. We understand what your needs are and will strive to exceed your expectations.

Bail Counties

Wisconsin Bail Bonds

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It look like after over 30 years of no bail in Wisconsin, its back. With a 5 county Pilot program in the counties of Dane, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine, and Waukesha, you will be able to post a bail bond for a defendant coming soon in 2013. Please familiarize yourself with how bail bonds work and call one of our agents to help you out.

Getting Someone Out of Jail in Wisconsin

If someone you know got arrested and you want to get them out of jail fast, there are some resources that you can use to accomplish this. The very first hours after they get arrested are likely to be the most frustrating. This is because it will take the jail some time to process them and, usually for at least a couple of hours, you’re going to be waiting around to get information from the jail.

Once you get the information, however, you can start taking action. In fact, while you’re waiting for the information, you can start taking action so that you’re ready to go when you have all of the information you need to get that person out of jail.

Jail, Booking Number and Name

The most important things that a Wisconsin bail bond company will need to get someone out of jail are the name of the jail that they are being held at, their booking number and their full name. This allows the bond company to get ready to go down to the jail and get the person out.

Some people end up in situations where they need to bail someone out of jail but where they are located a long way from the defendant. In such cases, the bail bondsman may be able to handle everything remotely. This can sometimes be done over the phone and it can sometimes be done over the Internet.

There are rarer cases when the person actually bailing someone out of jail is unable to make it to the jail themselves to meet the bail bondsman. This may be because they are ill, because they are very elderly or because they don’t have transportation. Be sure you ask the bail bond company if they can accommodate this. Some of them will be willing to send someone over to your house to handle it.

Once you have the information, you’re ready to work with the bail bondsman.

Wisconsin Bail Bond Payment

The payment for the bail will be 10% percentage of the total amount required. The bail bond company puts up a surety bond that guarantees that the person being bailed out will show up for court. There are very serious consequences if you violate this bond.

To find out the percentage of the bail required and the actual dollar figure, call our office.

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